I accidentally deleted an object – how do I get it back?


One of our process modelers wrongly deleted 2 maps (or at least this is what the audit trail is showing). Would it be possible to restore them?

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Asked on 24 August 2020 4:52 pm
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Environment Administrators can restore deleted objects in the EPC. This allows your administrators to restore any objects deleted accidentally, or restore any previous version on objects easily.

Users can:


  1. Restore deleted objects to their original location, or
  2. Restore objects to a new location (to new parent) if the Parent has been moved, deleted, or if you simply want to move the object

To restore a deleted object:

1) Navigate to your Environment Administrator section

2) Select the Archive Tab

3) Select the object you wish to Restore

4) Select the Restore button

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Answered on 27 January 2021 10:55 am
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    Remember - if you  deleted a parent (set, folder, process, objective, etc.), its children will also be deleted. in this case, you should restore the parent first (if you want to restore the object in their original location).

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    Answered on 27 January 2021 2:43 pm