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Gain Transparency with the Enterprise Process Center®

Interfacing’s Digital Twin Organization software provides the transparency and Governance to improve Quality, Efficiency and ensure Regulatory Compliance.
  • Drag & Drop and Quick-Form Auto-Mapping
  • Word/PDF Document Parser Text-to-Map Automation
  • MS Visio, MS Excel & BPMN 2.0 Import and Export
  • Multi-Language Content with Auto-translate
  • Map Shape Toggle (end-user simplicity vs. IT BPMN 2.0 complexity)
  • Digital Signature (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)
  • Localize and Compare Processes by Multiple Variants
  • Lean Six Sigma Analysis and BPMN 2.0 Simulation
  • Auto-Generated SOPs with Customizable Templates
  • Monitor Performance of Objectives & Indicators (KPI)
  • Regulatory Requirements, Policy & Rule Mgmt
  • Document management System (DMS)
  • Master Data Mapping & Data Catalogue Governance

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Quality System Automation with Rest APIs & Web Services, Reporting & Analytics

EQMS transforms the manual process of QMS into a digital process managing content and business processes to meet quality and compliance requirements across the value chain.
  • Documents & Records Management
  • Audit Management
  • Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Quality Events Including Non-Conformity, Complaint etc.
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Management
  • Control Management: Risk Indicator Audit, Analysis & Reporting
  • Supplier & Product management / SCAR
  • Inspection / FMEA
  • Training Management

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Gain Agility with the Digital Business Platform

Interfacing’s Low-Code Rapid Application Development software solution provides all the tools to create and deploy Custom, Scalable, Secure and Mobile ready Applications in days vs. months!
  • Multi-Language eForm & Auto-translation
  • Process & State-based Automation
  • Define Database Entities & Relationships
  • Out-of-office Auto-Task Reassignment
  • Case based Manual & Automated Task Reassignment
  • 3rd-Party system API & Database connectors
  • Manage Automated Rules Centrally
  • BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)
  • Customizable Word & PDF Template eForm Output
  • Custom Dashboard & Report Designer
  • Load Dashboards INSIDE task eForms Directly
  • Report directly on external data sources also
  • Organization & Role Hierarchy Human Task Mgmt.

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Your Pathway From Static Docs To Digital Data using Natural Language Processing(NLP) AI

NLP Artificial Intelligence simplifies the digital transformation of moving from file-based documentation to reusable data fragment management!
  • Parse both Structure & Unstructured Data
  • Fast Track your SOP digitalization efforts
  • Fragment your Data into Reusable Analyzable Objects
  • Auto-Tagging of Roles
  • Train the Parser based on your Unique Roles
  • Create Rules that Improve the Quality of Document Parsing
  • Create new Data Objects and reuse previous Data Objects in new Templates
  • NLP & AI based Auto-tagging of Documentation
  • Once Template is created, Updates can be applied anytime to all Documents at once
  • Easily create Data Translation Documents to Centralize & Update anytime

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