Headings in the detail tab


When updating the headings using the wysiwyg editor we are using Heading 1-Heading 3 but visually on the detail tab (out of edit mode) they show up as almost the same size. When I copy the content out to word, you can see that the formatting is different, Heading 1 is 24 font, Heading 2 is 18 font.

My question is two fold, should the heading show up visually different? And also, can we change the heading formatting using CSS or some other way so that we can visually display the content more effectively.

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Asked on 3 June 2021 12:31 pm
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I started out leaning on the Headings tags pretty heavily, but then I also noticed after one of our upgrades that the headings no longer stood out in the "Details" page. I've taken the approach to just strip out the heading tags and manually format, but I would love to see some consistency between the editor, viewer, and object books for headers and for tables.
( at 1 February 2022 4:24 pm)