Risk Assessment and Controls Report

  • Description: This report queries all risks with all the appropriate scores and their associated controls.

  • Use Case: Gives the opportunity to see all the relevant scores for certain risks and if there is any associated control.

  • Type: List

  • Object Version: Current object and Published versions available

  • Prompts: Language, Environment, and one to many Risks

  • Attributes: Risk Name, Identifier, Gross Impact, Gross Likelihood, Gross Detectability, Gross Priority, Gross Score, Net Impact, Net Likelihood, Net Detectability, Net Priority, Net Score, Control Effectiveness, and all the Associated Controls to the Risk

  • Key Values/Visualizations: If the same risk is listed twice, the Net Impact, Likelihood, Detectability, Priority, and Score will be the same as it is the aggregate and final result of the individual scores of all the controls associated with that risk.



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