Process Risk Assessment Report

  • Description: This report outlines all risks scores with graphs about the different risk types and according to the impact/likelihood matrix.

  • Use Case: Assess the importance of each risk  on a process

  • Type: Dashboard & List

  • Object Version: Current object and Published versions available

    Prompts: Language, Environment, and Process

    Attributes: Process Name, Risk, Name, Risk Subytpe, all the different scores for residual, gross, total, priority, and risk

  • Key Values/Visualizations: The matrix on the top left shows where each of the risks associated with the process is located on the risk matrix. The pie chart on the right shows the risk type distribution. The bar chart on the bottom right shows the average risk score by the different risk types. The list on the bottom left shows the risk associated with which flow object with risk score, priority, and overall score.


Content & Dashboard:

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