Process Journey Report

  • Description: This extensive report gives information related to associations and impacts related to processes including assets, risks, controls, roles, org unit, and indicators.

  • Use Case: Understand the full extent of a single process (What, who, where, where & how)

  • Type: Dashboard and List

  • Object Version: Current object and Published versions available

  • Prompts: Language, Environment, and Process(es)

  • Attributes: Processes name, flow object, related Assets, Roles, Org Unit, touchpoint, indicators, risks, controls, causes, and effects.

  • Key Values/Visualizations:
    • For the first dashboard, the steps show with color how the indicator related to each flow object is doing compared to the set thresholds and it is also shown graphically right underneath with the long graph. On the same page, the two matrices below are showing wherein the process (separated by flow object) all the assets, role & org. units are involved in the process.
    • The second dashboard shows a more detailed view of each indicator with the specific name and rank by color.
    • The third page shows a register of the latest measures for the indicators with a distribution graph (pie chart) of all the measure results combined.
    • The fourth page shows the major trends with multiple graphs of the indicators involve in the process.
    • The fifth and sixth pages are related to risks and controls by showing all of those involved in the process as well as the potential cause and effects that could affect the process.


Dashboard – Touchpoints:


Dashboard – Indicators:


Content – Indicators Register:


Content – Indicators Trends:


Content and Dashboard – Risks, Causes & Effects:


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