Process Health Dashboad

  • Description: For a level(s) of processes to summarize, this dashboard gives information on the distribution of the different sets as well as the maturity, risk, and performance of each of those selected processes.

  • Use Case: Find the level of the underperforming processes

  • Type: Dashboard and List

  • Object Version: Current object and Published versions available

  • Prompts: Language, Environment, and Level(s) of Process (Object)

  • Attributes: Distribution of Processes per Set, Processes Name, Maturity Level, number of associated Risk, and Performance indicator (color)

  • Key Values/Visualizations: The graph on the left presents the number of processes per set. The register on the right shows the summarized average of the processes with their process sequence number/name as well as their level of maturity, risks, and level of KPI performance.




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