Objective Scoreboard Report

  • Description: This report provides a view of the level of each objective through the display and scores for all the associated indicators

  • Use Case: Understand the efficiency of each of the objectives with the possibility to drill to the actual indicator

  • Type: Dashboard

  • Object Version: Current object and Published versions available

  • Prompts: Language, Environment, and a specific objective

  • Attributes: For the selected objective (versioning, types RACI data, score distributions), and all the KPIs related to the chosen objectives with the latest measurements and the subjective.

  • Key Values/Visualizations: Features a section with information relating to the selected objective (versioning, RACI data, score distributions. The second section presents all KPIs stored within it in cards. Each card is color-coded by that KPI’s performance. Provides KPI data relating to the latest measurements. If the objective has a sub-objective, it will be possible to update the report for that objective.
  • Report drills through to the Key Indicator Report for the specific chosen KPI



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