Collaboration Trends Report

  • DescriptionThis report present the trends related to collaboration (popularity, content list, and visualizations)

  • Use Case: Understand the information and trends in the collaboration tab and forums

  • Type: Dashboard and List

  • Object Version: Current object and Published versions available

    Prompts: Language and Environment

  • Attributes: Content Owner, Post Object, Open Date, Open IR, Number of Posts/Replies, Type of Post, Post Values, Posts/Replies Content

  • Key Values/Visualizations: On page 1, a list and stacked histogram that analyzes which objects received the most engagement in terms of forum threads and replies by date. On page 2, a full list of posts by objects, along with dates, number of replies, name, and more. On page 3 is presented a dashboard for monitoring forum activity in terms of distribution of posts per object, most liked posts, and general post trends per month. On page 4, 3 lists are available: lists of Thread age, Most active post initiators, and most active post repliers.


Content & Dashboard – Content Popularity:


Content & Dashboard – Collaboration Register:




Content & Dashboard – Billboard:

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