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We have a bunch of processes already designed in MS Visio. Is there a way to migrate them directly? Or do we have to re-design?

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Asked on 1 September 2020 4:17 am
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Yes, you can import your Visios maps (no matter what shapes were used) directly within the EPC.  The system will autoamtically convert every shape to BPMN (unknown types will be dumped as tasks in the map for clean up) + swimlanes will automatically create the roles and associate them to correct task (automatically recreating the same swimlanes) + sub-process task names will align with other tabs to automatically import the process relational hiearchy as well.

You can find the procedure within HELP here: Import Visio Content - EPC - WebApp Manual - 12.2 (interfacing.com)

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Answered on 15 January 2021 1:31 pm